What’s the difference between a Medicare Supplement and an Advantage Plan?

On the surface Advantage Plans seem simple, but they can be very complicated. Seniors must first give up their original Medicare and then rely on a private insurance company to manage their health care. That means the private insurance company will decide which services you are eligible for and whether they will pay for those services. Seniors face multiple copays that could add up to be thousands of dollars out-of-pocket per illness or accident. And many Advantage Plans require you to choose a physician from their network of doctors. While Advantage plans entice seniors with low or no premiums, they are often more costly when you get sick and actually have to use your insurance. A Medicare Supplement is the ideal solution for safe, dependable health coverage, without the high deductibles, multiple co-pays and other uncertainties of Advantage Plans.

With an Advantage Plan be prepared for:

  • Copays for specialists
  • Copays for outpatient x-rays, rehab therapy, PT, OT, Speech Therapy
  • Copays for an ambulance, the ER and hospital stay days
  • You must pay 20% of dialysis or chemotherapy drugs
  • Copays for home health equipment
  • Strict physician networks - you may not be able to keep your doctor
  • Unpredictable costs - can change month-to-month
  • Not guaranteed renewable
  • Requires you to give up Original Medicare
  • Could cost you thousands each time you require hospitalization