Tue, Sep 1, 2020

Local Hospital. Local Health Plan. Together for a Healthier Community.

Why FirstCommunity and Huntsville Hospital are working hand-in-hand to bring seniors the affordable Medicare Supplement.

“We are a local, not-for-profit health insurance company, affiliated with Huntsville Hospital, and deeply committed to serving North Alabamians just like you. Since 1997, FirstCommunity has been providing high quality, affordable Medicare supplements to thousands of 65+ “boomers” in the nine county region we serve. We have a stake in being the best provider we can be because Huntsville is our home too”, says Karen Lingar, Director of FirstCommunity Health Plan, located in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Advantages of a local plan, affiliated with Huntsville Hospital.

1. We are Local.

Seniors need affordable Medicare Supplemental coverage to fill in the gaps where Medicare leaves off with more choices in providers. To that end, in 1996 Huntsville Hospital, along with other leading North Alabama hospitals and physicians, developed FirstCommunity Health Plan, the parent company of FirstCommunity Senior Select Medicare Supplement. Backed by the strength and reputation of the Huntsville Hospital system, FirstCommunity Medicare Supplement is able to meet the needs of our customers by providing excellent healthcare coverage and prompt claims administration. Easily accessible, our office is located in the heart of the medical district in downtown Huntsville at 699-A Gallatin Street. We encourage seniors to stop by our office with any questions or concerns.

2. We offer excellent coverage to fill the gap that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Medicare only covers about 80% of eligible medical expenses. The rest is up to you. FirstCommunity offers a choice of three plans to pick up where Medicare leaves off – Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. All Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, meaning they all offer the same coverage – but the premiums can vary depending on which company you choose. Most seniors in North Alabama find that either our Plan B or Plan C meets their health care needs. And the good thing to know is that our rates are more competitive than most other supplemental plans– including Blue Cross/Blue Shield C+. View our plans and see the rates in our Outline of Coverage brochure.

3. There are no copays with FirstCommunity.

When you enroll in a traditional Medicare Supplement Plan like FirstCommunity, you will pay a monthly premium for your Plan A, B, or G. However, you have very little, if any, out-of-pocket on the back end. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, there are NO copays for doctor visits, lab work, imaging services like an MRI or CT scan or even to see a specialist. No daily hospital copays, no ambulance service copays or medical equipment copays. You know up front that almost all of your healthcare costs are covered.

4. You can keep your doctor and choose any specialist.

There are no physician networks in the nine county region we serve. Any doctor or specialist in the area who accepts Medicare gladly accepts FirstCommunity Medicare Supplement.

5. Our rates are more competitive than Blue Cross Blue Shield C+.

All Medicare Supplement (MediGap) Plans are standardized, meaning they all offer the same coverage for each Plan offered. For example, a Plan B coverage is the same from Blue Cross as it is for FirstCommunity – the only difference is the premium each company can charge for that particular plan. FirstCommunity has some of the most competitive rates around and we invite you to compare our rates against Blue Cross Blue Shield C+ by clicking here. 

6. Talk to a real person when you call.

Our staff of licensed, knowledgeable agents and claims specialists are ready to help you with customer service that is second to none – you will always talk to a real person when you call or stop by FirstCommunity. As a matter of fact, our members compliment us daily on our knowledge and friendliness, our quick claims process and especially our willingness to go the “extra mile” to help them with questions or concerns.

7. We are guaranteed renewable.

Unlike Advantage Plans, with FirstCommunity, you never have to worry about being covered from year to year.

8. Quick claims payment.

On average, we pay claims in as little as fourteen days! We pride ourselves on taking good care of our members and their healthcare.

For more information, call us at 256-532-2783 or 256-532-2785, or stop by our office at 699-A Gallatin Street in the medical district Huntsville, Alabama. Seniors are our only business and we are here to help them stay healthy.

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